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Daily Schedule

March 30, 2011

I saw this idea on Jody's blog. I always wrote the daily schedule as a list of one or two word things in Spanish. For example:

  1. Campanada
  2. Discusión
  3. Canción
  4. Cuento

However, Jody has a much better way of doing it. I write who will be doing what, which gives students the chance to see more verb forms! This is especially helpful when I use write things that the students will be doing, since they rarely see the written Ustedes verb form (they hear it all the time). This would also be a great way to expose them to vosotros, if you wish. Maybe I'll do that next year. Today's schedule looks like this:

  1. Ustedes responden a la Campanada.
  2. Yo elijo una Cantaninja.
  3. Nosotros discutimos sus respuestas a la Campanada.
  4. Ustedes hacen una actividad comunicativa.
  5. Nostros escuchamos una canción y bailamos la salsa.
  6. Yo les doy apuntes de gramática a Ustedes. (Although we never got to this in any of my classes...maybe it's a sign!!)

Then, I go over the schedule with the students at the beginning of class, circling important structures and checking for understanding. This is much better than what I was doing before. Thank you for sharing, Jody!!

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