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El Día de los Veteranos

November 12, 2011

Here is an article that my students read on Veteran's Day...sorry for not posting it sooner!! Save it away for next year, or use it whenever. I like it because there are many cognates, making it easy to understand, and it is in the past tense, which is what we are working on in Spanish 2A. Here is the citation of the original article (the blog won't allow it to be formatted correctly, so I apologize for that): Carola, Chris. “Aged Warrior: Medal of Honor Recipient Turning 100” Edmond Sun. 29 May 2009. Features. 10 Nov. 2011. <> Here are some questions that you can ask to have a discussion before you read the article:

  • ¿Hoy es un día especial? ¿Qué día es?
  • ¿Qué celebramos hoy?
  • ¿Por qué celebramos a esas personas?
  • ¿Tú conoces a un veterano?
  • ¿Hay un veterano en tu familia?
After reading the article, you could...
  1. QAR it up! Have students write questions about the article for classmates to answer.
  2. Write your own questions to have students answer.
  3. Draw a 3-way Venn Diagram to compare similarities and differences between the three Veterans mentioned in the article.
  4. Find a Veteran that works at your school and interview him/her. Do a Venn Diagram to compare similarities and differences between him or her and one of the Veterans mentioned in the article.
  5. Have students interview a Veteran for homework and write about him/her in Spanish. (This would be good to do BEFORE Veteran's Day so that their work can be shared/displayed for the actual holiday.)

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