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Una semana memorable

December 3, 2011

Here's another idea inspired by the fabulous Diana Painter (how's that for a link, Diana?!) at our Cooperative Learning class on Wednesday. For this one, her brilliance came from just being difficult and lying about where she had spent the previous weekend during an otherwise serious activity. This activity (download the worksheet here) starts out as "Find Someone Who", in which students are meandering around the room (possibly using the Stand-up/Hand-up/Pair-up structure) and interviewing classmates about things that they did last week. All of the verbs are regular preterite (in Spanish) with the exception of "fuiste", which is common and students should already know it. A classmate may sign on the line that precedes a question if she or her can answer the question with a 'yes'. The interviewer should then ask the follow-up questions listed in order to get a little more information. After most students have their sheets mostly completed, have students return to their seats and work individually or with a partner to develop one of the responses a bit further (read: embellish a fact about something a classmate did with lots of interesting and probably false details). The result should be a short story or report on something that a classmate "did" last week, which can then be shared with the class for a great start to a fun class discussion. The worksheet that I made is in Spanish on Page 1 and English on Page 2.

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