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Communicative Brain Breaks

December 3, 2011

Here are some other Cooperative Learning ideas that are TPRS-compatible. They make for great brain breaks and opportunities to build the student's comfort with speaking in the target language. For each activity, students should use the Stand-up/Hand-up/Pair-up structure in order to find a series of partners. Give students just two or three minutes (enough time to speak to two or three classmates), which is enough time to wake them up before continuing with the activity or moving on to the next one.

  1. Students read a free write that they just completed to each of their partners.
  2. Students share a fact from a story that was just told in class with their partners.
  3. Students develop and ask a comprehension question about a reading that was just completed to their partners.
  4. Students share a fact from a story and the partner has to say what happened before or after it.
  5. Students share a fact from a story and the partner must say how one of the involved characters feels about that fact.

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