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September 14, 2012

Here is another fun activity to use on Mexican Independence Day or as an introduction to a unit on Mexico. I compiled a bunch of tweets from the trend #LoMejorDeMéxicoEs and wrote some reading comprehension questions and a writing activity to go along with it. Just make sure that you begin by teaching your students what "Lo mejor de México es" means :) This would work well for second year students; first year students don't have the vocab at this time of the year to interpret the tweets. Print the pages front to back so that each student only receives a half sheet. LoMejorDeMéxicoEs For more Mexican Independence Day activities, see this post. My students are finishing up their own versions of the Grito, and they are awesome!! I've had kids write them for everything imaginable--family, friends, sports teams, fast food restaurants, name it, they celebrated it!

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