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You have to study! Script

April 12, 2013

UnknownThis script was inspired by the song "Llueve el amor"--only in that it uses three high frequency structures from the song (hay que - you have to, vuelve a - goes back/returns to, and poco a poco - little by little). It turned into quite the unit, however, when I realized that it was easy to use those structures to talk about the tradition of the Siesta in Spain! I love how TPRS allows us to access cultural knowledge and acquire language simultaneously!! With the addition of the structure 'se aburre - s/he becomes bored' - this also makes a good unit to preface (or follow) a lesson on reflexive verbs. Here is Hay que estudiar script (in Spanish and English), and here are complete lesson plans for the Siesta unit. [youtube=] If you only want to use the song lyrics, you can download a lyrics sheet with CLOZE lyrics and a short reading/writing interpretation activity on my TpT page by searching for "Llueve el amor".

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