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A six word memoir is a good activity shared by the Creative Language Class blog that could be used to review stories, chapters, books...anything. Visit their blog post on 6-Word Memoirs to read a complete description, but here it is in a nutshell:

CC 2012 Prairie Kittin

Students read a text

Students randomly select or are assigned a character. Students write a six word (EXACTLY six words) sentence from that character's perspective, recounting something about him or herself, something that s/he did, or summarizing the essence of his/her being. Students share the memoirs with the class, and possibly on Twitter with the hashtag #6words. One way to share the ideas would be to have each student write his/her memoir on a poster around the room, unlabeled, and have classmates guess which character 'wrote' the memoir. You could also do it with simultaneous presentation format in order to turn it into a communicative activity.

The girls over on the blog used a photo/tech extension with the activity, but there is no need to do that if you want to keep it simple--you could always have students draw a sketch or not have any visual at all. If there is a visual element, you could easily turn it into a matching activity--match the memoir with the picture.

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