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Michele Whaley

August 11, 2013

Dear World, If you didn't already know this, Michele Whaley is amazing. She teaches Russian at West High School here in Anchorage, and she is one of the best teachers and people that I have ever met. Have you ever heard of Embedded Reading? Thank Michele Whaley (and Laurie Clarcq). Have you ever heard of MovieTalk? Thank Michele Whaley. Have you ever heard of TPRS mentoring groups, like those that people are getting off the ground in TX and AZ? Thank Michele Whaley. (This is what prompted me to make this post. I am just amazed at how deeply Michele has impacted the TPRS community!) Michele, we are coming into a new school year here and there will inevitably be times when you get discouraged with the business of teaching. At those moments, you just let me know and I will make sure that your inbox is flooded with emails from the hundreds of teachers that you have impacted.  We love you. You may be a great row-er, but you're an even better teacher and friend. Martina

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