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October Giveaway

October 8, 2013

After the fun I had reading through everyone's entries for the last giveaway, how could I NOT make it a monthly thing?? I am not independently wealthy, so unfortunately I can't give away a set of class novels every month (every once in awhile, perhaps!!), but I'll always make sure that it is something that will be of great value to you even if the price tag isn't that high :)

This month I am going to give away 20 Fluency Matters credits that can be used to purchase a one-hour webinar. (Click here to visit Fluency Matters.) Fluency Matters offers cutting edge teacher training in various areas related to language instruction: engaging reading instruction, the use of authentic resources, how to ask a story, teaching tenses, using novels, and more!


  • Leave a comment with  YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (or email [email protected] if you don't want your email address published online).
  • In the comment, share a LESSON FLOP story: a time that your lesson completely flopped, and you felt like you needed intervention from an expert!
  • Remember to post YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the text of the comment (unless you email me)
  • Enter before October 31 at midnight AKST!


The winner will be chosen at random using an online raffle on November 1. The winner will create a Fluency Matters account (free), and 20 credits will be added to his or her account so that s/he can access a one-hour webinar, gratis.

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