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Songs for Level 2

August 12, 2014

If you've not yet followed The Comprehensible Classroom on Facebook, please do! It's a great way to get great resources from the TPRS®/CI world--I've been sharing my favorite blog posts, Facebook posts, and Pinterest finds over the last few weeks. It's also a great way to send me questions, although I think that the best way is still emailing [email protected] since I check that pretty obsessively.

Anyway...I received a Facebook message question this week about the songs that I use in Level 2. Students are never too old for songs (I even used them when I taught at the university level), so it's pretty hard to 'go wrong with a song'. Here are some of my favorites that I've used in Level 2 (some have also been used in Level 1):

A Dios le pido - Juanes

A puro dolor - Son by Four

La quiero a morir - D.L.G

Gazpacho - La Ogra

Guantanamera - Various

I Swear - Voz a Voz

La Llamada - Selena

Millonario de amor - Sergio Vega

No me digas que no - Xtreme & Adrienne

Pa' Bailar - Las Ramblas

El pantalón blue Jean - Flaco Jiménez

Pasos de gigantes - Bacilos

Te pido perdón - Tito el Bambino

Tengo tu love - El Sie7e

Torero - Chayanne

Todo cambió - Camila/Nota

Te dejé - Playa Limbo

La Melodía - Joey Montana

Miles de Millas - Gina Chavez

Me enamoré - Angel y Khriz

A la bulanye - Belkis Concepción

Espacio sideral - Jesse y Joy

Chica de mi barrio - Zacarías Ferreira

Arroyito - Fonseca

Te extraño - Xtreme

Yo soy el aventurero - Pedro Fernández

La Gallina - Ozomatli

Papi dijo - Aventura

I Love Salsa - N'Klabe

Que le den candela - Celia Cruz

CC 2011 John Liu

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