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More Back to School Love Sale -- Wednesday!

August 18, 2015

Yesss! A chance to redeem myself after completely missing the last TpT back to school sale! This Wednesday--August 19--you have yet another chance to save 20 percent on any and all products in my TpT store! If you have never used my lesson plans or activities, you can get a taste for how I use comprehensible input to teach language and culture to my students simultaneously by downloading some of the 60+ free products from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here to visit my store now!

If you're using my Spanish 1 or Spanish 2 curriculum, stock up now on all of the units that you plan to teach this year. Fill your cart with sub plans, holiday mini-units, targeted grammar readings, and supplemental cultural readings and units that will make your teacher life easier in the coming year. To view a complete listing of my Spanish and French products by type, visit this blog's store page. Happy shopping!

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