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Get to know the 2017 ACTFL Teacher of the Year Nominees!

September 2, 2016

Happy September, everyone!! Whether you have already gone back or are returning this week, I hope that this is an exciting and encouraging season for you as you put into place all of the things you’ve been planning over the summer.

We are just a few months away from the ACTFL Convention in Boston. If you do not already know, ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) is the national, professional organization for World Language teachers here in the US. The annual convention in November is a jaw-droppingly huge gathering of language teachers, administrators, and vendors. If you have never been, please consider attending! There is so much to learn, so much to see, and so many new friends to meet. Visit the registration page here.

One of the most exciting parts of the conference for me has always been the awards ceremony in which the new ACTFL Language Teacher of the Year is announced. Months beforehand, candidates are selected from each of the five regional organizations (PNCFL, NECTFL, SWCOLT, CSCTFL, and SCOLT), and those five teachers take the stage at the national convention to find out who will be the face of world language education for the coming year. I love this time because we get to celebrate five teachers that are truly inspiring. I have had the chance to get to know several nominees from the last few years, and their accomplishments are unbelievable! These nominees are not only Master teachers, but also champions and advocates of language education and policy and leaders in their local, state, and regional organizations.

To help get these nominees some of the feel-goods that they deserve, I will be featuring each one in a blog post throughout September and October. I asked them 10 getting-to-know you questions that I hope will help you to feel a little more connected to them when you see them on stage this November!

Next stop, network television! Who needs Miss Universe when you’ve got ACTFL TOY, right?!

Stay tuned for the first post, coming this Sunday…

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