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The Unfair Game

May 21, 2014

If you have heard about The Unfair Game and want to learn more, you have come to the right place!

Since 2015, we have been spreading the love and the pain of The Unfair Game to teachers everywhere! This delightfully miserable game can be used as an alternative to any time that you might play a game like Jeopardy, Trashketball, Grudgeball, or any other whole-class competitive game.

The basic premise of The Unfair Game

In The Unfair Game, at least two teams compete to answer questions and earn points–but there are some catches! The first catch is that some answers will have negative point values, and some answers will have positive point values! The second catch is that the other team may choose to keep their points or give them away... which hurts when the points are negative!

Click here to learn how to play!

The Unfair Game Templates

While The Unfair Game can be played with no preparation and as simply as writing question numbers on the board, there is a huge benefit to language teachers to write out your questions ahead of time so that students can read the information as they listen to you read the questions and answers aloud. You see, The Unfair Game is not just a way to review content–it's a valuable source of communicative input that serves as entertainment and food for language acquisition.

We have created The Unfair Game templates that teachers can purchase and use to create their own games for classroom use.

Get The Unfair Game templates!

Please note: Our The Unfair Game templates may not be used to create commercial products or modified and resold as templates or complete games.

The Unfair Game ready-to-play game sets

Not interested in creating games for your students using our template? No problem! We have many ready-to-play versions of The Unfair Game that can be used to explore a wide range of topics in various languages. Click each The Unfair Game cover below to preview the game!

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