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Les pays asiatiques BINGO

Contextualized sentence bingo featuring Asian Countries in French

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This bingo game is unlike anything you will buy in a catalog! Instead of hearing isolated words, the teacher reads sentences aloud to students in French. 

In this game, the sentences share facts about the geography, languages, nationalities, and capitals of countries in South/Southeast Asia. Students will search their BINGO boards for incomplete facts, also in French, that match what they hear and fill in the country name. This is a great way to turn a traditional vocabulary game into a content-based, input-rich activity!

Sample sentences:

  • Naypyidaw est la capitale de la Birmanie.
  • Une personne de Sri Lanka est sri-lankaise.
  • La Mongolie est au nord de la Chine.

Instructions, bingo call cards, 35 different bingo boards, and a student worksheet are included in this resource.

Les pays asiatiques BINGO


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