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Lugares Inimaginables CDMX1 Lugares Inimaginables CDMX2 Lugares Inimaginables CDMX3 Lugares Inimaginables CDMX4

Lugares Inimaginables | CDMX, Ciudad de México

A text with comprehension activities, ready to print and go. 

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
7 Pages


Ciudad de México, the capital of México, has been named by the New York Times "the Metropolis that has it all". Designed to be a sub plan, to be used along with your Mexico unit, with novels set in Mexico, or to be added to your FVR library, this cultural reading will be a great addition to your novice high and intermediate classes.


  1. a 2-page cultural reading about CDMX
  2. 2 full-page comprehension activities

All materials are provided as a fixed PDF.

This product is a collaboration between The Comprehensible Classroom and Nelly Hughes. Please do not purchase this product if you have previously purchased it from Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.


  • I used this for my 8th grade Spanish students and it was a good challenge for them to truly get more practice on comprehension. I really like the way the questions are formatted and allows them to use the text to answer the questions. The drawing part was very creative and they really enjoyed it and a closing activity of our Mexico lesson in class. 

    Rosa V.
  • Used in my travel unit when talking about México. The students were able to learn about some of the top tourist sites in Ciudad de México and learn a bit more about the city itself. 

    Spanish con Profe
  • Absolutely loved this resource! It was great for my class and the unit we were currently working on. 

    Taiya N.
  • I appreciated the authenticity of this resource! Gracias!

    Melissa A.
  • Great addition to my Mexico unit!

    La Reina Maestra

Lugares Inimaginables | CDMX, Ciudad de México


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