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Discussion questions for stories | French

Basic and advanced text-based comprehension question in English and French

Multi level
6 Pages

Give your students an opportunity to interact with each other while reviewing and/or analyzing a text with these cards! 

This product includes:

  • 12 "basic" question cards (text-based comprehension questions) in French and English (2 separate pages)
  • 12 "advanced" question cards (higher order thinking) in French and English (2 separate pages)
  • Blank 12-card template so that you can write other questions to modify the activity for whatever other purpose you may have
  • Just wanted some variety with things we do after reading. These questions helped change things up.

    Jill Anderson
  • Great resource! I can't have enough materials to use during a novel - keeping it fresh it key!

    Elizabeth M.
  • This is amazing in class- I felt like I was always asking the same questions and I was worried if I was challenging my students enough. This has helped me tremendously- and my students as well!

    No Strings Attached
  • Great resource to utilize for discussion points when reading a class novel! The questions help to organize the sequence of any story.

    Chantal R.

Discussion questions for stories | French


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