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El ratoncito Pérez printable 7008261 1
Reading + Activities in Spanish
Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This resource includes a printable reading about El ratoncito Pérez. It is written for students in level 2+ that are accustomed to reading past-tense texts in Spanish. The article explains the connection between the Tooth Fairy tradition and El ratón de los dientes, the history of how El ratoncito Pérez came to be, and what the tradition is called in various countries around the world.

In addition to the one-page text in Spanish, this product includes:

  • 2 comprehension pages
  • 1 group game

This product is a print-ready PDF.

A small portion of this text is included in Somos 2 Unit 6 Flex, and teachers that use the Somos 2 Flex curriculum may wish to use this reading and the accompanying activities during that unit!

This resource is a collaboration between Nelly Andrade-Hughes and The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • Added to choice board for legends and fables unit. Fun way for students to learn about the "tooth fairy" in the Hispanic world.

    Jennifer H.
  • I used part of this resource as a reading activity for my students' final! Its such an interesting part of the culture that's fun to read about, and it included some key terms that we had been working on, so it was a great fit! I can't wait to share this resource with other classes outside of using it as a final to be able to use the resource to its full potential!

    Srta Burger
  • This reading does a great job using accessible vocabulary and grammar and provided high-interest daily life cultural information to students. Thank you!

    Kim S.
  • My students loved learning about Ratoncito Perez. They had never thought about similar but different traditions in other countries before and it led to some fantastic discussions and cultural comparisons!

    Robyn Spain
  • I printed this story and keep it in a binder in a page protector along with other comprehensible stories for students to access during Free Reading time. Students have expressed appreciation of additional reading materials to supplement my classroom library of Spanish readers. EMETM articles have also been a big hit in our library! Thanks for another great resource Martina!

    Rebecca S.

El ratoncito Pérez


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