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El Silbo Gomero readings 4431935 1

El silbo gomero | Spain's Amazing Whistling Language

3 Leveled Readings + Activities in Spanish
Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This set of materials will introduce students that are studying Spanish to sylbo, Spain's amazing whistling language.

The materials include three leveled readings in Spanish:

  • The first reading is ideal for Novice students and presents an overview of the language (present tense).
  • The second reading is ideal for Intermediate Low-Mid students and presents the origins of the language (past tense).
  • The third reading is ideal for Intermediate High-Advanced students and presents challenges faced by the language and possible solutions for its preservation (subjunctive moods).

Work through the readings in sequence for maximum comprehension.

The materials also include:

  • comprehension questions
  • a writing activity with ACTFL inspired rubrics
  • an article about Sylbo from El mundo en tus manos
  • a compare/contrast activity for Intermediate-Advanced students to use with the third text and EMETM article
  • suggested videos to watch
  • a suggested communicative activity
  • a detailed, suggested lesson plan sequence
  • projectable slideshow versions of all readings (Google Slides compatible)
  • answer keys

Consider teaching this unit to Novices during or after Somos 1 Unit 4: La Universidad.


  • This has become a favorite unit for me and my students! I feel so successful when I present this lesson, and they do too.

    Rowena A.
  • My students were fascinated about the whistling language and even had a few try extremely hard to whistle like they were in the video. It literally blew their minds that people communicate through whistles. As with all Somos curriculum, very well written and comprehensible. 

    Maria G.
  • My students really enjoyed learning about los gomeros and their whistling language! Fascinating!

    Shane G.
  • Super engaging topic! Great video resources. I learned all about this topic myself because I hadn't heard of this language! We used this as a stand alone unit. Very cool, students had so much fun trying out the silbo themselves...we still have a LOT of practicing to do! 

    Rachel T.
  • My students loved this resource! Students were able to learn about a different language and geography. 

    Rosio R.

El silbo gomero | Spain's Amazing Whistling Language


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