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Diego Maradona 4 Leveled Readings in Spanish
Advanced (Levels 4-AP), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Multi level, Novice (Levels 1-2)
18 Pages

This packet includes four leveled readings in Spanish about Diego Maradona. The most basic reading is comprehensible for Novice readers, and each subsequent reading includes more detail about the famous soccer player and has greater text complexity.

These readings were designed to be added to a classroom library for an FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) program, but a page of questions is included for each reading in case the teacher prefers to use them as an addition to a unit about soccer, as Fast Finisher activities, or to include them in sub plans. The teacher can select a single reading to use in the appropriate class level, or the teacher may choose to use the three readings in sequence as an embedded reading (

Answer keys are included for all question sheets.



  • I have used this lesson to reinforce sports in the Hispanic world. My students absolutely loved it!

    Samantha F.
  • I assigned these readings to scaffold and differentiate for different levels of reading comprehension amongst my students at home, where I can't support them as easily. These were perfect and engaging, and students found the material interesting. ¡Gracias!

    Deirdre K.
  • Exactly what I needed! This was perfectly comprehensible for my Spanish 2 kids. I think I used the 2nd tier for them. We use Avancemos and unit 2 is all about sports/healthy living and it works in Argentina. Maradona was a perfect fit especially because they just heard his name in the news. Highly recommend!

    Sherie Quinn
  • Me encantó esta lectura. It was perfect timing to tie in with Maradona's recent passing, unfortunately. I highly recommend this. Used it for level 4. 

    Katherine S.
  • THis was a great activity to do during the World Cup! Since there are 4 versions, I was able to use it in level 1 and 2. Kids were fascinated in both classes.

    Laura DeCerchio

Diego Maradona


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