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Three leveled readings about football megastar Lionel Messi

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Multi level
12 Pages

This packet includes three leveled readings in Spanish about Lionel Messi. The most basic reading is comprehensible for Novice readers, and each subsequent reading includes more detail about the famous soccer player and has greater text complexity.

These readings were designed to be added to a classroom library for an FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) program, but a page of questions is included for each reading in case the teacher prefers to use them as an addition to a unit about soccer, as Fast Finisher activities, or to include them in sub plans. The teacher can select a single reading to use in the appropriate class level, or the teacher may choose to use the three readings in sequence as an embedded reading (

Answer keys are included for all question sheets.


  • This reading was really great, I have mixed level classes, some students could be in a more rigorous setting and others need a modified version of the work. This reading allowed me to have everyone in class working on the same thing while being able to address different needs!

  • This lesson on Messi was a great one for my sports enthusiasts. I have a lot of soccer players in my classes who really loved learning about him and the obstacles he overcame. As always, Martina's resources are so detailed and comprehensible.

    Christian W.
  • My students loved engaging with the information about Messi. With the most recent news of his career changes, I cannot wait to see how much they know now.

    Samantha F.
  • This was a great supplement to my Los Deportes unit! I also printed the readings and keep them with my classroom library for Free Reading time in a sports themed binder for easy access.

    Rebecca S.
  • The students love learning about Messi. This story was interesting and helped them to grow in their language ability. Gracias.

    Charlotte A.

Lionel Messi


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