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La revancha de los carpinchos

3 Versions of the text with activities in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

La revancha de los carpinchos is a current event from 2021 in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to habitat loss, capybaras have invaded private, gated communities in search of food. But, who are the real invaders?

This resource features three versions of La revancha de los carpinchos, all written in Spanish: Básico, Intermedio, and Avanzado. The Básico text will be a good fit for students that are nearing the end of their first year of Spanish, particularly students that have completed Unit 8 of the Somos 1 Curriculum. The Intermedio and Avanzado texts build on the Básico text.

Each version of the legend is accompanied by a 1-page comprehension worksheet and a whole-class game or activity. Use each version in a different level of Spanish, or work through all three in sequence to support comprehension for the most complex version. All three versions of the story contain glossaries. An additional story is included, along with several whole-class discussion activities.


  • The whole class reads the same version
  • Differentiate by distributing different versions to different students, and use the whole-class activities for the most simple of the versions distributed
  • Students work in pairs to read two versions and identify facts that appear in each
  • Read all three versions in sequence, layered in with the whole-class activities provided
  • Teach the same lesson in multiple levels, modifying complexity
  • Use for sub plans or too-sick-to-teach-days in multiple levels
  • Add to class library and let students self-select which text is an appropriate challenge for themselves
  • Laminate text on one side and comprehension activities on another and use as part of a Fast Finisher System

When you download this product, you will receive a PDF. Open the PDF and click on the link to be taken to a private Google Drive folder that contains the materials.


  • This is a nice reading set. It was a great addition to my Spanish 3s material.

    Profe Zulita
  • I used part of this resource as a sub plan for my students. They really enjoyed reading about capybaras, and enjoyed reading about vengeful capybaras even more! It was nice to leave a sub plan that the students willingly read.

    Julie Ann Wearne
  • Lots of activities. Very engaging

    Cynthia L.
  • I love this reading!! I used the different levels of readings with my different courses. I was able to use the lowest level text with my level 1 students while we were reading Capibara con Botas, but I used the most advanced reading with my Spanish 4 students during a unit on Biodiversity and Conservation. The mid-level text is currently in my FVR library. This is such a flexible and fun resource!

    Shanna C.
  • A great time-saving resource. Fun to read and made a great addition to our unit on animals and biodiversity.

    Sandra R.

La revancha de los carpinchos


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