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Las ranas de cristal | Simple readings in Spanish

Simple, easy-to-read articles in Spanish about glass frogs

Elementary, Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
5 Pages
30 minutes

This product contains two readings in Spanish about glass frogs. The first reading is very, very simple and suitable for even elementary Spanish Novices. The second reading includes more details and is formatted for older Novices. Each reading contains a brief comprehension activity. The reading pictured in the preview is the second reading.

This reading works well with any unit about the environment, about frogs, or about the rainforests of Central/South America. I use it while reading "Robo en la noche" by Kristy Placido, available at

Need a follow-up activity? Try...

  • I'm using the easier reading as a fast finisher supplement to Capibara con botas. Perfect addition to my little library. Thank you!

    Abigayle Shin
  • I added it to the itinerant FVR library I use with my homeschool coop groups. I have students of all abilities and language proficiencies so having a several different options to meet them where they are is essential to our success. 

    Eliza Cousins
  • This reading offers and easy version and a more detailed version for students to choose their difficulty. The easy one is accessible even to my more novice learners, while my more advanced readers can use the more difficult one. It's instant differentiation.

    Profe Heist
  • I used this lesson with some elementary students who were doing an after school community ed class. They were very engaged and loved learning about the frogs!

    Christian W.
  • I like to have a variety of different types of articles to meet the interest of my students. This is in a pocket sleeve in our FVR Binder for just that purpose and have been read by many students!

    Karen W.

Las ranas de cristal | Simple readings in Spanish


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