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A simple one page reading in Spanish with one page of comprehension questions for first semester Spanish students

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
2 Pages
  • This was a very easy to read cultural lesson. I used it as an fun review reading at the beginning of the year to show them how much they remembered from the previous year.

    Julie P.
  • This was perfect and so engaging and comprehensible for my trimester-long exploratory 7th grade Spanish class. I loved all the videos and authentic resources included. Martina for the win!

    Samantha P.
  • This is a great early novice reading for La Tomatina. It was simple enough that my students with 4 weeks of Spanish needed minimal scaffolding besides what was already provided.

    Dana P.
  • I used this resource with Spanish 1 to Spanish 4. The higher levels were easily able to read it on their own and then we discussed it and they gave their opinions. The lower levels needed me to read with them and give them support with drawings and the questions that come with the reading are great for them. This resource worked really well for everyone...thank you!

    Elizabeth Hanlon
  • This was a wonderful resource for providing input while also acknowledging an aspect of Spanish culture many students didn't know. They really enjoyed seeing and hearing about this festival.

    Matthew V.

La Tomatina | Simple Reading


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