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Reading and Authentic Listening Activity
Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This product contains resources and possible lesson plans to teach students about 'Trash Island' (La Isla de Basura), located in the Northern Pacific Ocean. The product contains:

  • a simplified reading in Spanish
  • a detailed reading in Spanish
  • comprehension and application questions for each reading
  • a CLOZE transcript of a Spanish language video about La Isla de Basura for students to use as listening practice
  • suggested lesson plans for the teacher

These readings are comprehensible for Spanish 1 students. They can be used to supplement any environmental unit, to add to a class library, or as a stand-alone content-based lesson (possibly for Earth Day!).

Consider connecting these resources with this reading about El hotel de basura.


  • My were able to read and understand this reading by using the various cognates. They enjoyed the information. Their level of comprehension was overall high for all my grade levels 

    Rocio R.
  • My students were impacted by this unit! It opened their eyes to a huge concern with our oceans. We had great conversations! Thank you! Resources are excellent.

    Beth L.
  • Students really enjoyed reading this article! We even went around the school and did a trash pick up after!

    Taylor Moore
  • Martina has put together an amazing and complete lesson here! I like to use this lesson around Earth Day. It is so sad to believe that this type of pollution is prolific and not getting any better despite the global attention it is getting. My students really learned a lot and were thoroughly engaged in the readings.

    Karen W.
  • This was perfect for my level 3 class. I love how this article is real world and incorporates the video for listeing activities as well. Mil gracias :)

    Lea V.

La Isla de Basura


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