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Criaturas Peligrosas de América Latina Cover 3583120 1

Five, one-page readings about dangerous animals of Latin America

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This product contains five one-page reading in easy to understand Spanish about dangerous animals from Latin America. It features the Jaguar, the Poison Dart Frog, the Piranha, the Fer de Lance Viper, and the Assassin Caterpillar.

For each reading, it also contains a complete glossary (on a separate page) and an alternate glossary page that also contains comprehension questions.

A cover page is included for teachers that wish to print this collection as a short book for their class library.

Teachers may choose to use this reading in class; to print, laminate, and add to the class library for free reading; or to incorporate in a Fast Finisher system.

The following readings are included in this bundle:

  • Dangerous animals: the Fer de Lance Viper
  • Dangerous animals: the Assassin Caterpillar
  • Dangerous animals: the Jaguar
  • Dangerous animals: the Piranha
  • Dangerous animals: the Poison Dart Frog

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  • This resource is visually stunning and packed full of comprehensible input for students! I love all of the Comprehensible Classroom's resources. This bundle is being used as an animal-related FVR binder to give my students more reading options. Love it! Thank you! 

    Sarah Pennica
  • This has been a fun resource to use in class! We even were able to use one of the animals in a story recently, so that made the story that much more fun to connect with other readings/activities.

    Srta Burger
  • I have these ready to use for a sub plan- new, interesting, different from the norm. I know my students will enjoy these.

    Melissa B.
  • My students loved learning about these animals and were excited that they understood the readings as well. This tied in nicely with our learning the map of South America. Thanks so much for creating and sharing these.

    Patricia C.
  • My students often choose them for FVR. Either because they want a break from a book or they just don't want to try a book. They seem to enjoy them.


Animales peligrosos | BUNDLE

$7.00 $10.00
$7.00 $10.00

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