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Criaturas Peligrosas de América Latina No. 1 Terciopelo 3580155 1

Animales peligrosos | La terciopelo

An easy-to-understand 1 page reading about the Fer de Lance viper of Costa Rica

Multi level
4 Pages

This product contains a one page reading in easy to understand Spanish about the Fer de Lance viper, native to Costa Rica. It also contains a complete glossary (on a separate page) and an alternate glossary page that also contains comprehension question page.

Teachers may choose to use this reading in class; to print, laminate, and add to the class library for free reading; or to incorporate in a Fast Finisher system.

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  • There is great use of cognates in this reading to make it very comprehensible (as is always the case with Martina's materials). Thank you for this great addition to my FVR library. Kids love animals and they will love this series!

    Zoe Witzeling
  • Muchas gracias! I am about to begin reading "Robo en la Noche" This reading could fit into learning about the wildlife of Costa Rica. 

    Xenia R.
  • I love sharing culture with my students in the target language!

    Sra Hart

Animales peligrosos | La terciopelo


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