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Animales peligrosos | La rana de la boca grande

Story and lesson activities based on the wide-mouthed frog of the Amazon

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
30 Pages
2-3 days

This set of lesson plans centers on the popular tale, "The Wide Mouthed Frog". The suggested lesson plans begin with a simplified reading of the classic story in Spanish and then work through an adapted version that features animals that inhabit the Amazon Rainforest.

This story is easy to understand for students in Spanish 1 even though it is told in the past tense.


  • an illustrated PDF of the classic story (in Spanish, ideal for projection)
  • a Reader's Theater script of an expanded version of the classic story
  • a suggested video and accompanying discussion questions
  • a printable 28-page, fully illustrated storybook in Spanish of the Amazon version WITH glossary
  • a printable deck of cards to play SPOONS using the animals and their descriptors from the Amazon story
  • a text-only version of the story from the storybook for you to use as desired with your classes
  • a two-page Amazon animals reference guide (in Spanish)
  • detailed lesson plans for implementation in class; sufficient for 2-3 days

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  • I loved working through this lesson! The way Martina used different methods to keep the reading interesting as students read progressively more challenging versions of the story. Also, my students loved the game!

    Alexandra T.
  • Super cute! My elementary kids loved this story! Thanks!

    Julie D.
  • My students loved it. They especially loved doing the skit. Easy resource to use.

    Rosio R.
  • I used this as a story starter for writing, the students chose what they ate and wrote about it, also, we are learning about animals so it was nice to have them in the story!

    Veronica R.
  • I ALWAYS rely on Martina's resources to be high quality, varied, and engaging. This was a new addition for me to use with the Somos curriculum and my students enjoyed it. Lots of options for use. Thank you.

    Carissa N.

Animales peligrosos | La rana de la boca grande


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