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La casa azul | A printable storybook in simple Spanish

A printable storybook for early readers

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
10 Pages

"La casa azul" is an 18-page storybook in simple Spanish, perfect for novice Spanish learners. It is based on a folk tale about a house in the woods that all the forest animals want to live in! It features 62 unique words and 501 words total.

The storybook is provided in printable form with alternating rotated sheets, ideal for printing 1-2 sided.


  • I love using your stories and articles as FVR material or as whole-class readings!

    Courtney W.
  • I loved being able to expand on our conversation about Frida & Diego with this fun resource. Thank you!

    Tracy D.
  • This was a great little read for my students in Spanish two to review regular present tense verbs. 

    Katie E.
  • Even if I didn't know Martina, I would recognize that the author has expertise with children of this age and with providing comprehensible, compelling input in a language class. I love this new version of a beloved story, and I appreciate the way it's created so that I don't have to figure out how to make the copies turn into a book. Thanks so so much! 

    Michele Whaley
  • This was an excellent story to use after Somos 1 Unit 2. My students enjoyed the story and the graphics. The story was comprehensible. I appreciate also having the story in Garbanzo for extra practice! Many thanks!

    Kelly S.

La casa azul | A printable storybook in simple Spanish


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