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Solitario George | A non-fiction storybook in Spanish

A printable storybook in the past tense

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
12 Pages

This print-ready storybook tells the story of Solitario George, the last Pinta Island tortoise, who died in 2012.

This storybook is ready to print 1-2 sided. It is 18 pages long and prints on 5 sheets of paper. Written in the past tense, it contains 648 total words with 166 unique words (including both cognates and non-cognates). The vocabulary is simple and illustrations and unique fonts support comprehension, making this comprehensible for Spanish students in Level 1 or Level 2--perfect to add to your FVR library!


  • I love anything to do with Ecuador! This is a fabulous resource. Thank you!

    Keely E.
  • Very excited to use this, as our school has gone to Expeditionary Learning. The entire 8th grade is doing theirs on "The Wind and Sea". This gives me something to bring it into my class.

    Jennifer G.
  • My students loved learning about George in a comprehensible way!

    Amy B.
  • My students enjoyed the reading . They were very engaged.

    Karen K.
  • I used this book with my 7th graders to go along with our Capibara con Botas unit. I also keep it in my FVR library. Thanks for the great resource!

    Pamela L.

Solitario George | A non-fiction storybook in Spanish


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