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Cattarinetta | Printable Spanish Storybooks 2 Versions

Two printable storybooks of a classic Italian fairytale

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
14 Pages

These fully illustrated, print-ready storybooks share a classic Italian fairytale about a girl that just can't resist chocolate cake. Beware - this story has a violent ending, just as many classic fairytales do.

This product includes two versions of the same storybook: a very simple version and a detailed version. Both storybooks are ready to print 1-2 sided. They are 22 pages long and print on 7 sheets of paper. Both versions of the story are told in the past tense,– perfect to add to your FVR library!

The storybooks also include complete glossaries on the back cover. The last four pages of each book are activity pages--designed for students to THINK about the text after they have read it. The activities are short and there is an answer key; it is not intended for students to write the answers in the book, but rather to THINK about them.

Zoom in on the preview to see complete glossaries for each book!


  • I'm super excited to add this to my FVR library and to do whole-class reading on our reading days.

    Courtney W.
  • This is a really cute story - very engaging. Even better, it is set up to print VERY easily. Everything was oriented properly to copy 2 sided as a booklet and all I had to do was fold down the center.

    Jennifer O.
  • This is a great addition to my classroom library for novice readers.

    Barbara D.
  • My students really enjoyed it, and it saved me some time. 

    Karen K.

Cattarinetta | Printable Spanish Storybooks 2 Versions


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