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Anansi y el wiwano que habla storybook 4525148 1

Anansi y el kiwano que habla | Spanish storybook

An illustrated printable storybook in the past tense

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
8 Pages

This fully illustrated, print-ready storybook shares a classic Anansi story about how he pretends to be a talking kiwano; an African melon.

This storybook is ready to print 1-2 sided. It is 28 pages long and prints on 8 sheets of paper. It is told in the past tense, and the repetitive plot makes this an easy read for Spanish students as they are introduced to the past tenses– perfect to add to your FVR library!

The storybook includes a complete glossary on the back cover. The last four pages of the book are activity pages--designed for students to THINK about the text after they have read it. The activities are short and there is an answer key; it is not intended for students to write the answers in the book, but rather to THINK about them.

Zoom in on the preview to see a complete glossary!

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  • Wonderful addition to my class library!

    In the Library
  • I purchased this to print off and put in my FVR library for Spanish 1 ~ I probably wouldn't add it until close to the end of the year but it is a precious story, well written with an appropriate amount of repetition and great illustrations! Martina strikes again!!

    Rebekah H.
  • Another fun story to add to the class library.

    Brittany O.
  • Great reader for Spanish students. It has a cute story about a spider who likes to prank his friends. Includes past tense. 

    Jennifer O.
  • This is such a great option for adding to your FVR library quickly and cheaply!


Anansi y el kiwano que habla | Spanish storybook


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