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Quiero ser diferente Spanish storybook

A printable storybook for early readers

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
6 Pages

This print-ready storybook shares the illustrated story of a little girl who wants to be different than she is. Unfortunately, all of the things that she wants to be present problems for her--until, with a little magic, she finds the perfect identity for her future!

This storybook is ready to print 1-2 sided. It is 10 pages long and prints on 3 sheets of paper. It contains 234 total words with 60 unique words (including both cognates and non-cognates). The vocabulary is VERY simple and the plot is repetitive, making this an easy read for Spanish students early on in Level 1.


  • I used this on the day of my formal observation and the principal loved how the class went. I think what truly won him over was when one of the girls, after closing her book and smiling from ear to ear, shouted out "¡Me gusta!". The next day I had a sub, an old guy who used to teach Spanish a long time ago. He left a note, "I loved that little book you had on your front table." It was a hit all around. Thanks so much!

    Kristal G.
  • This is part of our "Relaxing Reading" Library! The students enjoy being able to read it with ease!

    Laurie C.
  • I love that my students can feel accomplished while reading this early on in Spanish class!

    Amanda Greene
  • I love this addition to my library. I struggle to find good reading material for my novice learners and this is perfect. 

    Marcela Casco
  • I love all of the Somos Units. I used this story as an added resource after the unit talking about "quiero ser." I liked the fact that it was silly and made up. The students could understand and relate to the main character. It led to interesting discussions about what we wanted to be as little kids!

    Melanie D.

Quiero ser diferente Spanish storybook


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