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¿Qué es un ekeko? Week 1 Culture 3767742 1

What is an ekeko? | Spanish Reading

Reading & Activities for Spanish Week 1
Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This simple slideshow reading and accompanying reading & comprehension activity worksheet will inject authentic culture into your Spanish classes as early as the first week of school! These materials are entirely in Spanish, and students will be able to read the texts with reasonable ease if they have already worked through SOMOS Unit 1 (which you can download for free here).

These materials include

  • a slideshow reading in Spanish presenting an overview of what an Ekeko is along with five comprehension questions in Spanish
  • a one-page printable reading in Spanish with a complete glossary; slightly different than the slideshow reading
  • two reading-based comprehension activities (in Spanish)
  • suggested lesson plans


  • I can't thank you enough for the differentiation and activities within these units. Even my Heritage Speakers learned something new!

    Jacqueline L.
  • This was a cultural presentation for students. There is no need for preparation, just provide copies to the students. This activity allows them to ask questions about cultural activities, traditions and more in our comprehension questions and discussion in class.

    Marlene R.
  • Great reading that students were able to understand because of the wide use of cognates. Great for the beginning of school. 

    Michelle G.
  • El ekeko is such a fun and engaging story for beginning Spanish learners. It was a hit!

    Leigh Ann Nesbitt L.
  • Good value for price for this time-saver. Adaptable to many levels if you differentiate the grammar. Makes it easy to incorporate more reading in class. A different cultural aspect that is often overlooked. 

    Sandra R.

What is an ekeko? | Spanish Reading


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