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5 Fábulas de Esopo Cover 4749498 1

5 fábulas de Esopo

Aesop's Fables in Simple Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Elementary, Novice (Levels 1-2)
22 Pages

This pack of 5 Aesop's fables is designed to support your early Spanish students in understanding this classic fables. Each fable is written in the past tense in simple language, featuring common verbs and with footnotes to support comprehension of less-high frequency vocabulary.


  • El zorro y las uvas
  • La hormiga y el saltamontes
  • Las ranas y el pozo
  • El león y el ratón
  • La hormiga y el pájaro


  • Two designs are provided for each fable; a more distinguished layout that will appeal to older students, and a more whimsical format that includes an illustration to further support comprehension for younger students.
  • 1 page of Comprehension Activities is included for each fable (5 pages total)
  • Answer keys to the Comprehension Activities
  • A cover page, ideal for printing and binding the five fables to add to your class library.

The Preview contains a Word Cloud that you can use to determine whether this product is a good fit for your learners.

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  • Perfect for my story telling unit! I love being able to just pick one and start teaching!!

    Kaitlyn L.
  • I am using these as part of a collection for free reading time, and the students have enjoyed reading short, familiar fables during this time.

    Julie P.
  • I printed these stories and keep them in a binder in page protectors along with other comprehensible stories for students to access during Free Reading time. Students have expressed appreciation of additional reading materials to supplement my classroom library of Spanish readers. I have found that both students who are familiar with Aesop's fables AND those who are not find the stories both enjoyable and comprehensible! EMETM articles have also been a big hit in our library! Thanks for another great resource Martina!

    Rebecca S.
  • I like to give lots of opportunities for my students to read in the target language, and when it's a familiar story, they are almost guaranteed to feel successful.

    Amy P.
  • I used them as supplemental resources for a fast finisher and/or had them on hand as emergency sub plans. This was extremely efficient and easy!

    Erica M.

5 fábulas de Esopo


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