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Criaturas Peligrosas No 5 La Rana Punta de Flecha 3583109 1

Animales peligrosos | La rana punta de flecha

An easy-to-understand 1 page reading about the Poison Dart Frog

Multi level
4 Pages

This product contains a one page reading in easy to understand Spanish about the Poison Dart Frog. It also contains a complete glossary (on a separate page) and an alternate glossary page that also contains comprehension questions.

Teachers may choose to use this reading in class; to print, laminate, and add to the class library for free reading; or to incorporate in a Fast Finisher system.

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  • Perfect addition to my FVR library. Working to add more non-fiction readings. Really like that I can reproduce these for my students. 

    Puentes to CI

Animales peligrosos | La rana punta de flecha


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