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11 Goat Island German 12 Goat Island German 13 Goat Island German 14 Goat Island German

Two versions of a news story about free goats, one article is true - the other is false.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This product features two versions of a news stories about the an island overrun with goats! One version presents the new story accurately, and the second contains five factual errors. The article is written in easy to understand language, suitable for first year students.

The articles can be used on their own, but it is recommended to share both of them with students. First, students should read the falsified news story. They are encouraged to think critically and identify the five factual errors. Then, they compare the erroneous news story to the true news story and check their hypothesis.

Fake News | Ziegen-Verschenk-Aktion!


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