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Gemelos: Classroom vocabulary

A fast-paced partner vocabulary game to practice classroom vocabulary in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Elementary, Novice (Levels 1-2)
12 Pages

Gemelos is a fast-paced partner game designed for vocabulary practice. Students must consider the Spanish word and its meaning in their primary language in order to identify the vocabulary pair between sets of 2 cards! This is a perfect game to play for fun in class.

Create your game set:

Print and assemble the 31 cards contained in this file to create a fast-paced vocabulary game for your students! This set of 'Gemelos' provides practice for classroom vocabulary in Spanish.

How to play:

Gemelos is a partner game. Partners race to find a match between their card and the top card on the stack. Whoever finds it first yells out the number of the match that they spotted and takes the top card from the stack! The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

To force students to focus on the meaning of the Spanish words, and not just search for matching patterns, some of the words are in Spanish (ex: mochila) and some are shown in pictures.

Look for game sets in Spanish with the title Gemelos and in French with the title Jumeaux!

  • Spot it! is always a favorite station activity in my classes. I can't wait to use this version. Great choice of vocab!

    Jennifer Purdy
  • The kids has so much fun with this.

    In the Library
  • My students really enjoyed it, and it saved me some time. 

    Karen K.
  • Lots of fun practicing vocabulary! Students enjoy this game!

    Jennifer Thompson
  • A little bit of prep work involved, but it is holding up well (laminated) and always keeps things fresh in the class with ever-changing ways to reinforce vocabulary.

    Karen W.

Gemelos: Classroom vocabulary


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