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Who are you? | Spanish Guessing Game

A "Who are you?" guessing game that will be a hit in your classroom!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
63 Pages

This is a guessing game (in Spanish). It is designed to practice second person verb forms; in particular, the verb 'eres' (you are). There are 63 slides that give hints about famous people for a student to guess from the front of the room. On each slide, the name appears first, then disappears before the clues are added one by one, so a student at the front of the room could look back at the board to re-read the clues that have been revealed about him/her if needed. Each clue is meant to be read aloud by a classmate and gives more specific information about the person.

This is a Google Slides resource and includes the templates to create your own Guess Who!

  • Had a blast with my students playing this game in class! I'd suggest adding in a few new ones from your students, but some of the older ones I thought they wouldn't know from this resource ended up being pretty fun too. :)

    Monica J.
  • I used it with my Spanish Is. I wasn't sure how it would go since there were several words they didn't know in the descriptions, but they enjoyed trying to figure out what the clues were saying. I didn't know some of the people, but the students knew all of the ones that we tried. 

    Michelle R.
  • Wow, the repetitions of eres in an engaging context! While I agree with some of the comments that the people are out of date, there are plenty that are relevant and I used it as a model for students to create more up to date references that we used in class. They were so proud to see their work used in class.

    Kristen L.
  • I love that we can play this game for a longer stretch, or just two or three subjects as a brain break. It's also one of the best authentic games I have to teach my students the "tu" form.

    Stephanie M.
  • This was a great addition to my Somos curriculum in 8th grade. It supplemented the lesson really well!

    Lindsay P.

Who are you? | Spanish Guessing Game


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