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Who are you? | Spanish Guessing Game

A "Who are you?" guessing game that will be a hit in your classroom!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
51 Pages

This is a guessing game (in Spanish). It is designed to practice second person verb forms; in particular, the verb 'eres' (you are). There are 50 slides that give hints about famous people for a student to guess from the front of the room. On each slide, the name appears first, then disappears before the clues are added one by one, so a student at the front of the room could look back at the board to re-read the clues that have been revealed about him/her if needed. Each clue is meant to be read aloud by a classmate and gives more specific information about the person.

This game was written with clues by first year Spanish students in an ethnically diverse school, so many of the clues are very basic and might appear frank/offensive to others (often, the kids stated whether the person was black or white--kids at my school have no problem talking about color. A good lesson in itself, I think!). You can easily modify the slides that already exist and/or add your own by copying and pasting a slide and then editing the information to fit a new person.

The slideshow is provided in PDF and PPT formats, and there are two versions of the slideshow: one with all clues in the 'tú' form, and one with clues for politicians in the 'Usted' form.

Instructions for the game and cards for your students to create additional slides are included.

  • Had a blast with my students playing this game in class! I'd suggest adding in a few new ones from your students, but some of the older ones I thought they wouldn't know from this resource ended up being pretty fun too. :)

    Monica J.
  • I used it with my Spanish Is. I wasn't sure how it would go since there were several words they didn't know in the descriptions, but they enjoyed trying to figure out what the clues were saying. I didn't know some of the people, but the students knew all of the ones that we tried. 

    Michelle R.
  • Wow, the repetitions of eres in an engaging context! While I agree with some of the comments that the people are out of date, there are plenty that are relevant and I used it as a model for students to create more up to date references that we used in class. They were so proud to see their work used in class.

    Kristen L.
  • I love that we can play this game for a longer stretch, or just two or three subjects as a brain break. It's also one of the best authentic games I have to teach my students the "tu" form.

    Stephanie M.
  • This was a great addition to my Somos curriculum in 8th grade. It supplemented the lesson really well!

    Lindsay P.

Who are you? | Spanish Guessing Game


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