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Independent Textivities reading worksheets

Activities for students to complete independently after reading a text of any length, in print and paperless formats

Spanish, French, English (ELL/ESL/ELD), Not language specific
Multi level
40 Pages

This bundle includes forms for 18 different activities that students can complete independently after reading a text of any length, in print and paperless formats. The forms are provided in Spanish, French, and English. It also contains instructions and forms for using this bundle as an independent study option for students. These forms are NOT editable!

For more details, please read this blog post.

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  • This set of textivities really helped diversify how my students interact with their texts. Some of these ideas I've never thought of or heard of so it was a great learning experience for me too!

    Caitlin B.
  • These are so great to do after a reading or novela! It also helps me differentiate for my different student levels. Sometimes I choose one and use it as a whole group exercise. PERFECT!

    Karen W.
  • These are perfect for students to use as a complement to independent reading. Love the variety and effortless differentiation I can provide with these activities!

    Ashley Chrisman
  • This resource has been SO helpful for me this year. I have a small class of very low energy, disengaged students. Having these activities as "backup" when something isn't working has saved my sanity! I keep a stack of each ready to go in case we need them. They are also great for sub plans, since students can complete them in French or English, and they can use whatever story we've worked on recently. I also use them with their Storybuilder stories. 

    Emily K.
  • My students responded well to this resource. It is a nice way to hold students accountable and offer them choice at the same time.

    Danielle F.

Independent Textivities reading worksheets


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