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Introductions Embedded Reading in Spanish

Isabel y Ronaldo - Embedded reading for early Spanish 1

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
7 Pages

This is an embedded reading meant to be used in the first week or two of Spanish 1. Its limited vocabulary range makes it easy for beginning Spanish learners to read and understand with confidence!


  • cómo te llamas
  • me llamo
  • se llama
  • muchacho/muchacha
  • dice
  • easy cognates


  1. A four-page booklet with a three-level embedded reading--each one more detailed--and comprehension questions. (see for more information on the strategy)
  2. A projectable version of the most detailed reading from #1
  3. A photocopiable version of the most detailed reading from #1
  4. A Digital Slides version of all three layers of the reading with questions
  • I love that there were different levels embedded into the activities. My students felt confident as they were doing the readings. Thank you!

    Senora McCann
  • My students and I enjoy this reading. I find it really funny. The language is comprehensible and we can use it from day 1 (or maybe 3).

    Sra Debbie
  • I used this to supplement my Realidades curriculum. Students found it comprehensible. I'm excited to be switching to the SOMOS curriculum and ditch my textbook!

    Kristen L.
  • Very well designed. I tried making a second reading similar to this and I now appreciate how difficult it is to create a quality reading with the right balance of content at and slightly above their level. Students loved this twist in this story! I loved that it made them think!

    Profe Murray
  • This was an excellent activity to reinforce the structures me llamo, se llama, and como te llamas. Thank you for sharing.

    Jessica K.

Introductions Embedded Reading in Spanish


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