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José Mujica, El presidente más humilde del mundo

 Texts and #authres about the most humble president of the world in Spanish

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
30 Pages

José "Pepe" Mujica, former president of Uruguay, is known as the most humble president in the world. As president, he donated approximately 90 percent of his salary to charity.

In these lesson plans, students will learn about this inspiring man by reading a two page biography in Spanish (handout and projectable reading included). Then, they will dig into his life philosophy by studying a paragraph-long quote from Mujica using the literature circle model described in this blog post:

Literature circles for world languages

Both a simplified version of the quote and the authentic quote are provided so that you can use these plans with Novice/Intermediate or with Intermediate/Advanced students.

Materials are also included for students to interact with the authentic resource; an interview with José Mujica in which he says the quote that is explored in the plans.

Detailed lesson plans are included, as well as projectable versions of all readings in PDF and PPT form and discussion questions to use throughout the activity.

These lesson plans will fill 3-4 class days, depending on the level that you use them in.

Consider connecting this lesson plan series with the short film "El hombre feliz" by Axel Arnaud, as the themes explored are almost identical.

  • My students really enjoyed learning about José Mujica. I used this reading in AP as a part of a unit about heroes.

    Señorita sonrisa
  • Wonderful. Differentiated and thorough activities have a little something for everyone, and the message is lovely and important for students and teachers alike. Teaching this was the highlight of my week. Muchas gracias.

    Angela I.
  • My eleventh graders were FASCINATED by José Mujica. The lesson plans were comprehensive and led to some really great discussions. Great resource!

    Katelyn H.
  • This is one of my favorite lessons from SOMOS 2. I loved how Martina broke down the authentic text and provided so many opportunities for students to understand prior to using the authentic text.

    Christine Anderson
  • This is one of my favorite units. Love learning about Jose and encouraging students to think about what they truly stand for.

    Morgan D.

José Mujica, El presidente más humilde del mundo


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