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La Criatura Story Activity Cover 1802980 1

La criatura story

A reading with perspective change activity focused on the "nosotros" form

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
23 Pages
55 minutes

This Spanish 1 reading is designed to use as a first exposure to the "nosotros" verb forms. I recommend completing the perspective change activity before introducing the concept of conjugation to your students. Complete instructions are included in the file.

I recommend using this reading activity after Unit 6 "Siéntate" of The Comprehensible Classroom's Spanish 1 curriculum.

  • My students loved the suspense in this reading and I really like Martina's variety of "horizontal translations" that we have used in other units as well! I especially like that this one has the ppt with the verb changes highlighted so they can correct their work together afterwards.

    Karen W.
  • This story is hilarious and a great tool for Horizontal Conjugation. I save this to use for a sub plan.

  • This was a really fun way to wrap up the SOMOS unit 6. My students really enjoyed reading and interacting with the story. You could also use it on its own as a sub plan, if you needed one!

    Erin Oefelein
  • My students are always engaged and interested to find out what happens in this story. I also like how the horizontal conjugation activity gives them grammar practice without them knowing.

    Anne M.
  • Great story and easy to use format of the reading and activities. Another helpful reading resource.

    Tina H.

La criatura story


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