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Storybuilder Nous Sommes 1 Unit 8 Cover 6500536 1

Nous sommes 1 Unit 8 Storybuilder

Students make plot choices as they read these interactive stories!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive
52 Pages

This Google Slides / downloadable PPT resource is a Storybuilder activity for Nous sommes 1 Unit 8. It can be used by the teacher as a guide for creating a whole class story, or it can be shared with students via a Learning Management System or downloaded and shared via Microsoft Teams as a PPT for them to read and build their own story.

As students click their way through the story, they must make decisions as to how they want the story to continue. There are many possible endings and countless ways to arrive at each one!

*This resource will NOT be added to the French Digital Bundle 1.

Distance Learning suggestion:

  • Have your students write or type their stories as they create them.
  • Have each student 3 different stories by making different choices.
  • Have your students make note of any inconsistencies in the plot of their story.
  • Have your student share their favorite version of the story with you and their classmates!
  • This resource saved me lots of time and helped me to create engaging lessons for students. 

    Erica P.
  • Students love to see all of the different variations of stories they can create after we create our own as a class.

    Blair Richards
  • Perfect for distance learning! My students love that they understand these stories and the choose-your-own-adventure feel of them!

    Lydia M.
  • Easy to use (we did it virtually - snow day) and the students LOVED it; spent a lot of time on it. Next day back they took turns reading theirs to each other

    Deb Blaz
  • These stories are so fun and engaging for my students. They can read them independently after going through the Nous Sommes units.

    Christine T.

Nous sommes 1 Unit 8 Storybuilder


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