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Nous sommes 1 Unit 7

This unit of the Nous sommes curriculum for Novice French highlights Motocrotte as a solution to a community problem.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
133 Pages
2 weeks

This nine-day unit for French 1 will be one of your favorite lessons all year! The lesson plans work with these core vocabulary structures:

  • tu dois
  • il l’aide
  • il ne peut pas (faire)
  • sympathique

After exposure to the core vocabulary structures through storytelling, students will use their interpretive ability to learn about « la Motocrotte », the once-popular solution to the dog poop problem on the streets of France. The materials include:

  • instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • biography of Kids United Nouvelle Generation
  • La Tendresse song lyrics activity
  • multiple discussion activities
  • a TPRS story script
  • a story based reading
  • multiple story activities
  • a simple reading about Motocrotte
  • a MovieTalk activity
  • an additional #authres song with activities
  • an extended Motocrotte reading, provided in past tense and present tense (2 versions)
  • Unfair game questions for each version of the reading
  • six stations activities working with #authres and comprehensible summaries
  • reading, writing, and listening assessments
  • detailed lesson plans
  • slideshow (Google Slides, compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • answer keys

In order to use this unit, you MUST be comfortable talking about (dog) poop with your students!

The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link. Follow the link to access all resources for the unit, which are stored in Google Drive.


This is Unit 7 of The Comprehensible Classroom's French I curriculum. Click here to view a resource map listing the most popular French resources from The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • Another great unit from Martina. Always so thorough and well thought out. Thanks!

    Cynthia L.
  • Great resource for French teachers from the one and only Martina Bex. 

    Nelly O.
  • I love the creativity that went into this unit. The instructions are easy and I’m confident that my French 1 students will enjoy it. Merci! 

    Lumiere Learning
  • My students liked the story and it is always great to have a structure to follow. 

    ioana leahu
  • Interesting and silly enough to keep their attention. Always a great variety of activities to choose from.

    Tanya V.

Nous sommes 1 Unit 7


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