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Reading in French: Les larmes de crocodile

Stories and meaning of the idiom "crocodile tears"

Novice (Levels 1-2)
3+ days

If you already own Nous sommes 1 Unit 10, do not purchase this product as it is included in the Unit 10 plans already.

This product contains two readings in French that you can use to teach your students about the expression "les larmes de crocodile" (fake crying). The first reading is a story about a boy that gets in trouble and starts crying to get out of trouble, but his 'larmes de crocodile' don't fool his dad. The second reading is about the meaning and the origins of the expression.

Included in these plans:

  • 2 readings
  • Printable and slideshow format
  • Personalized questions
  • Who said it activity
  • ClipChat suggestion
  • answer keys
  • suggested lesson plans

This 3+ day lesson plans make a great addition to a unit about idiomatic expressions, food, emotions, or relationships.

Reading in French: Les larmes de crocodile


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