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Shakira en un triángulo de amor cultural readings 3109317 1

Shakira love triangle

A text with comprehension activities in Spanish

Novice (Levels 1-2)
21 Pages
2+ days

This product contains three readings about Shakira, Antonio de la Rúa (her old boyfriend), and Gerard Piqué (her current partner). The readings are designed to embed common textbook vocabulary targets in a comprehensible, cultural context. The readings target the verb ser for nationalities and professions (es de, es [colombiana, español, argentino], es [cantante, abogado, atleta]) and common weather expressions (hace frío, hace calor, hace sol).

The first reading is provided as a slideshow reading with photos (15 pages in PPT and PDF formats) and as a two-page handout reading. In addition to introducing students to Shakira, Gerard, and Antonio, it provides information about how Shakira and Gerard met, their special birthday connection, and their family.

The second reading is a one-page worksheet with three brief paragraphs about the characters written from the first person perspective and includes two comprehension activities.

The third reading is a one-page, fictitious story about the three characters in a supposed encounter in Argentina. It includes comprehension questions.

Answer keys and suggested lesson plans are included.

  • This is ready to go and easy to use! I used it last week as a sub plan. The directions on the worksheet are easy (and in English which is perfect for the substitute). Also, high interest! Who doesn't want to know more about the rich and famous - because of music AND sports it was high interest to all. Vocabulary recirculates and repeats. This was a great purchase!

    Laura B.
  • My students had so much fun engaging with Spanish thanks to their desire to learn all the juicy drama and gossip about Shakira and her love life! I was able to get 3 classes out of this activity, but could have probably stretched it to a full week of activities.

  • My students and I loved this resource. I feel that they not only learned about ser but also about nationalities and cities that they are not very familiar with. It is a great resource. I highly recommended it!

    Ivette C.
  • My students loved reading about the drama with Shakira, I definitely got into it and even my quiet students were having a good time. Martina never disappoints!

    Kivi's Clase
  • Fun and engaging resource which appealed to students who liked sports, students who like pop, and students who like romance.


Shakira love triangle


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