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Sobremesa Episode 1 6840077 1

A talkshow for Spanish learners, hosted by Francisco Castro, with lesson plans and activities - aligns with Somos 1 Unit 5

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
26 Pages

Sobremesa is a talk show for Spanish learners, hosted by Francisco Castro, and this is the FIRST episode!

In the product download, you will receive access to the first episode of Sobremesa, which features several hilarious, conversational segments that pair with content from Somos 1 Unit 1. We recommend using this amazing, 7 minute video in Somos 1 Unit 2 or later (ideally, after Somos 1 Unit 5). Even if you are not using the Somos Curriculum, your Spanish learners will completely enjoy this show and the accompanying lessons!


  • Health & wellness (related to Los pollitos dicen)
  • Introduction to the Dominican Republic (where host Francisco is from)
  • Facts about wildebeests (connects to the short film Wildebeest)
  • Describing farms with the verb "hay" (connects to a farm tour)


hay, dice, tiene, camina, habla

The video is provided in two versions: without captions and with Spanish captions. Private YouTube access and Google Drive access are both included! The resource also includes four days of complete lesson plans, 5 printable worksheets, and a slideshow to use with your students.

  • I use parts of this as an extension in Spanish 1. Students especially like learning about the ñus and doing some of the activities like the sentence strips. 

    Jenny P.
  • I like to have many ways to provide comprehensible input, and like all the other lessons, it's well done and easy to use. Accessible for all. Thanks!

    Lynn H.
  • This was such a unique resource! Students liked hearing a male voice for once and he seemed very relatable! I can't wait to see the activities that are yet to come!

    Kerri D.
  • I couldn't resist the excitement! Thank you for creating this- I love the concept and I know students will too. This is an excellent, high quality resource.

    Miss the Profe
  • I am absolutely in love with this resource. I love that this can bring an element of authenticity to my classroom while staying much closer to 100% comprehensible for my students. I also love that there are lesson plans and activities to go with it. I will be using this every year!

    Victoria Morgan

Sobremesa Episode 1


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