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A talkshow for Spanish learners, hosted by Francisco Castro, with lesson plans and activities - aligns with Somos 1 Unit 8

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
26 Pages
Google Drive, PDF

Sobremesa is a talk show for Spanish learners, hosted by Francisco Castro, and this is the SECOND episode!

In the product download, you will receive access to the second episode of Sobremesa, which features several fun, conversational segments that connect to foods from Spanish speaking cultures and pair with content from Somos 1 Unit 8. Even if you are not using the Somos Curriculum, your Spanish learners will completely enjoy this show and the accompanying lessons!


  • Maíz
  • Elote
  • Los taínos
  • Las arepas
  • El maíz de Jala


busca, encuentra, sabes

The video is provided in two versions: without captions and with Spanish captions. Private YouTube access and Google Drive access are both included! The resource also includes five days of complete lesson plans, worksheets, posters, and other printables to use in class, and a slideshow to use with your students.

The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link that will take you to all materials.

  • My Spanish 1s are now HUGE fans of Francisco and are eager to get out and try a bunch of new hispanic foods! Thanks for making Sobremesa such a fun and engaging show to accompany SOMOS. I will definitely be purchasing any future episodes that you guys produce!

    Shanna C.
  • This is such a rich resource that I can use in more than one level. I look forward to more of these in the future!

    Sarah W.
  • My students loved this resource! I will continue to use this yearly. My students love Sobremesa!!!

    Bridget C.
  • These Sobremesa videos are outstanding. The quality and the timing with Somos units are amazing - I love the integration. My students like them too and are easily entertained. Please keep making more! :D

    Megan C.
  • While I have loved everything I've purchased from this seller, I think that this particular resource has been my students' favorite. Thanks for putting it together. :)

    Anne Z.

Sobremesa Episode 2


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