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The Somos Curriculum for Novice learners

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
83 Pages

This product contains resources and lesson plans to teach an extensive, 11+ day unit on Argentina's Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. It is designed for students in their second year of Spanish, but it could be easily used in upper levels as well.


  • fue/fui/fuiste - was
  • se llevó/se llevaron - carried/took away away
  • al (momento) siguiente - the next moment
  • miente - lies
  • dice la verdad - tells the truth
  • cree - believes


  • Detailed daily lesson plans
  • Instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • a TPRS® storyasking script
  • a short story and multiple story-based activities
  • a simple informational text
  • a detailed informational text
  • various authentic-resource based activities
  • a slideshow with projectable versions of all texts
  • daily warm-ups
  • a writing assessment
  • answer keys for all activities
  • unit overview with ACTFL standards, CCSS aligned daily objectives, Can-Do statements, proficiency targets, and more

This product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder that contains all unit materials.

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The Somos Curriculum® is a Proficiency-oriented curriculum for Novice and Intermediate Spanish learners that is designed for middle and high school courses. Instruction in The Somos Curriculum® focuses on language acquisition or implicit language development rather than explicit teaching and practice of grammar and vocabulary. Lessons are highly communicative and conducted primarily in the target language. 

With detailed daily lesson plans, target-language scripts, tutorials for making input comprehensible, student activities, assessments, and suggestions for differentiation, The Somos Curriculum® is the most complete Spanish curriculum on the market, and it is no surprise that it is used in more than 100,000 language classrooms worldwide.

  • Learn more about the Somos Curriculum here
  • Click here to view the Somos 1 Curriculum Map. 
  • The Somos Curriculum can be purchased individually, in bundles, or as a complete set. To view all the options click here.
  • I actually used this in level 4 Spanish! We read La Guerra Sucia and I used the video and transcript and song even with them. Yes, it was simple for them, but it served as good, basic information before reading more authentic materials and articles online. (Just having the video and song suggestions were a huge help.) I was also able to use this in spring 2020 when we weren't reading the novel but students were fully asynchronous. 

    Kelly S.
  • Another great resource that I purchased for my level 4/5 students. They were expected to learn many complex, historical issues in this level but never had a CI based curriculum. This allowed them to learn about these issues in SPANISH at a level that was very comprehensible for them. A nice variety of activities to explore this topic.

    Kristen L.
  • My students loved learning about las Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo and they want to learn more about the Dirty War. My students are eager to read a novel about the Dirty War. 

    Isaole B.
  • I used this to supplement a human rights unit that I was doing with my Spanish 4 class. I know this is part of the Somos 1 curriculum, but it was easy to use at a higher level. MY students loved it.

    Laura Penhollow
  • This is a great resource to go along with reading La Guerra Sucia. It held my students attention. They were so interested in the topic and I heard a lot of, "Why isn't this ever talked about in History class?"

    Sara Moldenhauer

Somos 1 Unit 16


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