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Somos 1 Unit 26

The Somos Curriculum for Novice learners

Novice (Levels 1-2), Beginner (Level 1)

In this 8+ day unit designed for late Spanish 1, students will learn about the Solar System and space exploration. It targets the structures "nació", "fue el primero/último", and "propio". 

This unit includes:

  • a game that presents biographical information of 8 famous Hispanics in Spanish
  • a Spanish language reading about Franklin Chang Díaz
  • a Spanish language reading about Earth
  • a Spanish language reading about the Moon
  • a Spanish language reading about Jesse & Joy
  • a complete lyrics slideshow for Electricidad by Jesse & Joy
  • a lyrics handout
  • a complete slideshow for the unit (173 slides!!!!)
  • a story slideshow in Spanish
  • a 2+ day competition based on an infograph in Spanish (all elements of the competition are conducted in Spanish and scripts are provided)
  • writing and listening assessments
  • two #authres listening activities
  • an #authres reading activity with two tasks to choose from
  • daily warmups
  • detailed lesson plans
  • vocabulary introduction

This is Unit 26 of the SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 1.

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The Somos Curriculum® is a Proficiency-oriented curriculum for Novice and Intermediate Spanish learners that is designed for middle and high school courses. Instruction in The Somos Curriculum® focuses on language acquisition or implicit language development rather than explicit teaching and practice of grammar and vocabulary. Lessons are highly communicative and conducted primarily in the target language. 

With detailed daily lesson plans, target-language scripts, tutorials for making input comprehensible, student activities, assessments, and suggestions for differentiation, The Somos Curriculum® is the most complete Spanish curriculum on the market, and it is no surprise that it is used in more than 100,000 language classrooms worldwide.

  • Learn more about the Somos Curriculum here
  • Click here to view the Somos 1 Curriculum Map. 
  • The Somos Curriculum can be purchased individually, in bundles, or as a complete set. To view all the options click here.
  • This is one of the most fun units EVER! I used it at the end of the school year last year. It was great to have so many active things to do. It helped keep my too-cool 8th graders engaged at the end of the year.

    Pamela L.
  • Wonderful resource (as always!) Easy to implement, engaging, and I love the cross-curricular connection!

    Smart Cookie Printables
  • This unit is wonderful! I was not a good planner and started it too late in Spanish 2, so didn't have time to do everything. I am planning better this year in order to be more thorough. My students really enjoyed the game, readings, and activities that we did do. 

    Angela I.
  • A great unit that just about every student has some level of interest in. It keeps them engaged and provides great input. The lesson plans are thorough as always. 

    Paul R.
  • Fun unit! My students memorized Electricidad and sing it all the time MONTHS after we did the unit. They were so engaged and truly enjoyed the resources we used. Thanks!

    Carrie Gomora

Somos 1 Unit 26


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